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Teacher Self Reflection Using Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Self Reflection Using Video

Dr. Tonya Goree recently presented “Seeing it Clearly: Videotaping for Self-Reflection and Instructional Coaching” at the ASCD Conference in Anaheim, CA. Susanne Leslie from Learners Edge attended the session because of her interest in using video for teacher self reflection and instructional coaching. In the article linked below, Suzanne talks about how Dr. Goree’s session helped her overcome her anxiety about using video and answer some key questions.

Click here to get answers to the following questions:

  • Are teachers concerned the videotapes will be used for evaluation?
  • How do you get teachers to trust this process?
  • Are there issues with the “legalities” of video? In other words, what about union regulations?
  • What do you use to video–are there concerns about lighting or volume?

Dr. Goree uses video-enhanced teacher reflection and instructional coaching at Francone Elementary to dramatically improve student outcomes including:

  • 63.8% overall reduction in discipline referrals
  • 90% decrease in classroom disruptions

To find out more about Dr. Goree’s method, check out her 9-part series on-demand below!

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