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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Sibme really help my school, district, institution, or organization?
Absolutely. It’s no secret that if we are going to improve our schools and raise achievement, professional development must be part of the equation. But we know teachers, administrators, and instructional support staff are overworked and underpaid. Trust us: we’ve been there. Sibme was designed to bring teachers, coaches, and administrators together without stressing anyone’s budget or schedule.
Q. Do we need to be trained to use the software?
When we designed Sibme, we went the extra mile to make sure it was easy to use, even for technophobes. No formal training is needed. In fact, we think you’ll master the application in just a few minutes. But if you run into trouble, you can consult the helpful guides on each screen. Still have questions? Our support center is just a click away.
Q. Do you allow for very large file uploads similar to YouTube?
Yes, our software has been engineered to allow uploads of video files as large as 20 GBs. We have found this satisfies the needs of the majority of our clients, since most users will never upload a file this large. Also, you’ll never have to fear spotty internet connections again: If your service is interrupted in the middle of an upload, our custom uploader will pick up where you left off.
Q. Do I need any expensive or special hardware to buy to use Sibme?
Absolutely not. All you need is a video recorder, access to an internet connection, and a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer). Our software was built to accept video files from most modern cameras and smartphones.
Q. Was Sibme really designed by teachers and school administrators?
Yes. Really clever teachers, instructional coaches, and school administrators.
Q. Is it OK to film students in your classes who are under the age of 18?
Some schools or districts make their students sign permission slips before the school year starts for this type of professional development. If you are concerned, please consult with your school or district as to whether or not video recording is allowed for professional development purposes.
Q. Sibme seems useful for other professions or activities where skills can be demonstrated visually. Why have you limited yourself to the education field?
We haven’t. Our expertise is in teaching and coaching, so this is where we have focused our energies and time. However, Sibme can be used for other professions, too. Whether you’re a recruiter, public speaker, sales manager, therapist, surgeon, athlete, or musician, chances are you could benefit from professional development. We encourage you to sign up and try us out. You may be surprised how useful the application is for your team, company, or organization.
Q. We prefer mobile applications. Do you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android app?
Yes, the Sibme iOS app is available in the iTunes store as a free download. The Sibme Android app is a free download available in the Google Play store.
Q. How do you make sure client data is secure?
Our application employs best practices for ensuring security. All communication is encrypted both ways using 256-bit encryption.
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