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Sibme Platform

Sibme enhances classroom observation, allowing teachers and instructional leaders to record classroom instruction for the purpose of reflection, conversation, and feedback.


Watch yourself and others teach anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Access your private workspace to reflect and annotate on your teaching. Give and receive time-stamp feedback with trusted colleagues in shared spaces we call Huddles.


Purposefully interact with video content to improve instruction and student outcomes.
Users can record from mobile devices and quickly upload videos to their secure Sibme cloud Workspace and Huddles.Recording, uploading, and sharing video to improve professional practice has never been easier.


Time-stamp Annotations

Synced Video Observations

My Workspace


Account Video Library


Coaching and Assessment Trackers

Customizable Frameworks and Rubrics

Video Editor

Administrative Control and Security

Custom Branding

Record, upload, edit, annotate, and share video from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

Provide specific feedback at micro-moments of time with time-stamped comments. Use our tagging and framework tools to categorize your comments, and quantify your growth.
Simultaneously record video from the Sibme app on your smartphone or tablet (iOs or Android) while capturing notes on your laptop during an in-person observation. Sibme automatically time-stamps your comments and attaches them to the video.
Upload and organize all your classroom videos and resources in one easy-to-manage place. Select files from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. Privately reflect and annotate your classroom videos.

Discuss and review video content and related resources in shared workspaces we call Huddles. It’s an efficient way to…

  • Share and reflect on best practices
  • Coach and mentor teachers
  • Provide blended professional development workshops for your network.
Create a best practices video library for your school, district, institution, or education-related organization. Tag and organize your video exemplars making them searchable, sharable, and easily available to people in your network.
Measure and boost your impact. Collect the data you need to make intelligent decisions regarding your professional learning process and goals. Track account user activity and standard/competency tagging frequency for video coaching sessions.
Implement an evidence-based coaching or assessment process with your team, school, institution, or education-related organization to track and monitor progress.
Support your organization’s goals and embed your custom framework/rubric in your account. Tag standards or competencies to video comments and track this data across your program, school, district, or education-related organization.
Edit videos in Sibme and only share the parts you want.
Manage your network’s launchpad and user permissions and features to ensure your data is protected and secure. Administrative and security tools to manage school, district-level, and institution accounts.
Let Sibme take a back seat and brand your account with your logo and colors to create a custom look for your school, district, organization or institution.

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