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Virtual Coaching with Kelley Garris

The Sibme Virtual Coaching Process with Kelley Garris   Our Virtual Coaching process is a high-impact way for schools and districts to improve...

Video-enhanced professional development

Is video-enhanced professional development worth the risk? Seen Magazine - Fall issue 2014 I had three years of public school teaching under my belt when I learned the importance of professional development. For me, the lesson came in the form of a shared classroom...

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Summer School at Sibme

Most educators know that technology is just one variable in making video-enhanced professional learning work effectively.  We look forward to the day when our users don’t have to think about the technology, so they can spend most of their time on the teaching and...

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Lesson Study 2.0

The Japanese have blessed American culture with some amazing additions--sushi, origami, and karaoke, to name a few. Here at Sibme, we love Japanese imports. Aside from the obvious: sushi, karaoke, Toyota, origami, and Sony, we’re also enthusiastic fans of a less...

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