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Virtual Coaching with Kelley Garris

The Sibme Virtual Coaching Process

with Kelley Garris


Our Virtual Coaching process is a high-impact way for schools and districts to improve instruction. Our Director of Virtual Coaching, Allyson Burnett, had a great conversation with Kelley Garris about the process recently. You can watch the whole conversation below, or check out the smaller videos after that for focused conversations about the most important elements of instructional improvement our Virtual Coaches can offer your school.



Virtual Coaching: The Big Picture


The Role of the Administrator


How Does Sibme Virtual Coaching Measure Success


Too Many Cooks!


Identifying a Focus


Are Sibme Virtual Coaches Content Experts?


Changing Old Habits


Guaranteeing Teacher Success


Matching the right Coach to your Coachee


The Stigma of Being Coached


The Coachee’s Experience


The Importance of Encouragement


Virtual Coaching vs. In-Person Coaching


Coaches as Sherpas


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