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Better Walk-throughs and Lesson Study

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On-Demand Webinar: Better Walk-throughs and Lesson Study

Dr. Justin Baeder from The Principal Center hosts a panel discussion with teachers, coaches, and the admin team at Horizon High School in Clint ISD. If you’re interested in improving the way you do administrator walk-throughs, this webinar will help you learn how this team accomplished the goal of evidence-based conversations that don’t rely on the administrator’s interpretation of what happens in the classroom. Capture meaningful evidence in walk-throughs to have a real impact. Changing walk-through protocols were just the beginning for the team at Horizon. Find out how they’ve spent the last year instituting a cross-departmental system of Lesson Study on their campus.


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This webinar is one of several free courses available in the Sibme Learning Center. After watching the webinar, check out the other resources to help improve your walk-throughs and enjoy our full course on Lesson-Study!


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Our webinar was hosted by Dr. Justin Baeder, author of the book Now We’re Talking: 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership and founder of The Principal Center.


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